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It's Time To Share Your Story

When you look back at how far you’ve come in life, it’s a pretty amazing story. Your success has positively changed your life—and the lives of countless others. 

As life changes so does your story. It gets richer and more vibrant with each experience. The more your story has to offer, the more people can learn and benefit from it. In Direct Selling, a key part of success is the result of sharing that story to inspire, educate and motivate others, while celebrating life’s possibilities.

Now, just think how many more people you could reach with a shareable video that told your story as well as you do. The problem is, it’s difficult to effectively capture your story yourself. You need to work with a professional partner who knows how to ask the right questions and can interweave those answers into a powerful visual storyline. In the end that storyline has to motivate your audience to action. 

Carpe Canum Media is that partner. Think of us as a marketing agency for Direct Sellers. We represent you as “the brand” and not the company you represent. With over 30 years in Direct Selling we understand exactly what it means to be successful in this business.


Even though we have shared our story hundreds of times, we couldn’t figure out how to get it on camera. Once we turned the project over to the Carpe team, it all came together with ease.
— Beachbody Coach

As your marketing partner and Producer, our core responsibility is to listen to your story, identify the best parts, and put together a team that tells that story effectively.

Whether your goal is to start a compelling conversation about a your business opportunity, share the benefits of your product, or to simply motivate others, we’ll create a video that serves your goals best. Carpe Canum’s award-winning team leverages years of broadcast, marketing, web and direct selling experience to create a narrative that best promotes and celebrates you.  We’ll create content that Seizes Your Story. 

Once your story is told, then what? Carpe offers a number of additional services to help a Direct Seller get their story heard. Again, think of us as a marketing agency for your business.

Scaleable Storytelling

Carpe Canum offers 3 different story packages. Each package is designed to fit the different key stages you hit in building your business. In addition to your story, every package gives you multiple pieces of additional video content. These segments can be shared on social media, used in live presentations, included in email campaigns or just sent off to individual prospects. Whether you choose the Start-up, Growth or Executive level packages you’ll get a versatile scalable media tool that will help grow your business.

We understand that your life is growing and changing – your story will be produced so it can grow and change with you. "Scalable Storytelling" allows us to use the footage we already have as your business grows and you move to the next story package. The Carpe Canum team has created a unique system that allows us to quickly update your story so it will continue to reflect your success.

Plus once we have your interview conducted we can utilize it as a base to create additional print, web or video stories, as you need them. We offer a full range of services to help you maximize the effectiveness of your investment in content. Check out what each level includes by clicking below. Or visit the Story Gallery to be inspired by some of the stories that inspired us.